HVAC Program

Meridian Home Watch has teamed up with one of Sussex County’s premier HVAC companies to handle your Heating & Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Program.

This program allows for technicians to nip potential problems in the bud with maintenance checks and system inspections in the Spring and Fall.  In years past, Meridian has received more calls related to homeowners’ heating and air conditioning problems from people who were not part of the Maintenance Program.

Our Preventive Maintenance program includes a visit in each heating and air conditioning season and will perform the following maintenance as they apply to your unit:

  • Testing – Operating pressures, temperatures, efficiency of operation
  • Inspecting – for leaks, cracks, corrosion, vibration, wear, excessive noise, flue pipe
  • Cleaning – mechanical surfaces, coils, condensate drain, adjust burner
  • Tightening – electrical connections, mechanical components
  • Replacement – return filters
  • Lubrication – motors, pumps, linkage, hinges as needed
  • Calibration – safety & operating controls, thermostats
  • Checking – voltage & amperage to motors

If repairs are necessary to your system we will contact you with approximate costs before proceeding.  This program does not include any parts (other than filters or lubricant) or work on duct systems.  The terms of program will be 1 year in length.

Work will be performed during normal work hours – 8AM to 5PM, Mon. to Fri.

We can set up an HVAC program for you any time of the year. So call if you are interested.