Renters Point of Contact

*Meridian is not a real estate agency and does not handle money. 

This service is provided by Meridian for homeowners who choose to rent their property or allow guests to stay there in their absence.  Meridian is here to handle the stress of handling the constant summer turnover of renters and guests by providing a service that can be there to check renters in and out, coordinate cleanings, and troubleshoot any problems that may crop up during their stay.   It is designed so that Meridian can be the eyes and ears of the homeowner.

As a homeowner all that Meridian requires you to do is email or call with the dates of the arrival and departure and the contact information of the guests.  Meridian will take care of the details and provide a smooth relaxing stay for your guests while also relieving you of having to run around.  In the event of a serious issue arising during the guests stay Meridian will first contact the homeowner before proceeding with necessary action.  This service provides homeowners with a safe, easy, and affordable way of managing their beach house, while allowing others to enjoy it as well.

Service Highlights

  • Key Management
  • Renter Check In/Check Out
  • Coordinating Cleanings between Guests
  • Troubleshooting Problems
  • Email or Phone Call Updates to Homeowner