Storm Services

Every fall, winter and spring while you’re away from your beach home the Delaware Coast inevitably gets pounded with more than your average storm. More often than not these storms affect not only Delaware, but also the surrounding states as well making it difficult for homeowners to check on their beach properties.  Noreasters, hurricanes and blizzards have all been happening more and more frequently, which is why Meridian is here to protect and secure your most valuable assets.

Here are some of the services we offer to ease the stress of dealing with these storms:

  • Pre-storm/Post-storm home inspection
  • Outdoor Furniture Secured or Properly Stored
  • Garage and Basement items moved to higher locations in the event of flooding
  • Sandbagging for homes that are at risk to potential high tide and storm surge flooding
  • Boarding of windows (Only recommended in the case of severe hurricanes)

After each storm Meridian upon request will inspect each home for any leaks or storm damage and send out a detailed email to the homeowner of the situation.  The email will also include pictures of the property if requested. Meridian will also assist in coordinating any necessary repairs or cleaning. Click here to contact us today.